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Greetings from Vienna, #8

February 9th, 2004


This is really a short note. I'm writing this on late Sunday night, February 8th, and everyone has to get up early tomorrow. Karin has an extra teaching gig this week and she will be up early every day (and I will get up with her to make her sandwiches for lunch; she's doing the more, smaller meal thing). Also, the Puglieses leave us tomorrow, and I will be getting them onto the train for the airport before heading out to the internet cafe to send this message. So for this issue, there will be only three items:

The square recorder picture is now working. I forgot to put it on my site until a couple of days after the last newsletter. Sorry.

I have a couple of pictures from the dance week up now. Here is Karin and I in our formal outfits that we're not wearing to the wedding:
Here we are after my costume change:
And here is Patri and I in our Salem Zouaves uniforms:

Mondays will be the new date for sending out these newsletters. This will give Karin time to read this and add her comments and corrections.

Until the 16th.


Bis bald.

- Paul (and a sleeping Karin)



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