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Greetings from Vienna, #11

March 1st, 2004


Old Business

The Long and Short of It
First, there is a very major typo in the last newsletter, in the section on the spelling of "Tschüs" vs "Tschüß". The final paragraph should read:

So, this means that "Tschüs" is a correct spelling for pronouncing it the German way, with a long "ü". However, Austrians pronounce it with a short "ü", and so they spell it "Tschüß". "Tschüss" is either an incorrect German spelling, or a correct, new Austrian spelling. Got it?

Many apologies for the confusion. Also, some of you have asked about the difference between "long" and "short" German vowels. As far as I can tell (and I'm doing this with Karin's help and what limited grammar/linguistic information that came with my electronic English/German dictionary), "long" and "short" are literal descriptions of vowels. Unlike English, where "long" and "short" vowels can be quite different sounding, German "long" vowels are longer in duration than the "short" versions. Check out: "" for examples of German pronunciation.


Greetings from Vienna
Part the Eleventh, Marriage

Well, it is done. On February 25th, Karin and I were married in a short civil ceremony in Vienna. You can see pictures at "". What with preparing for the wedding, organizing the visitors (Jade and Syd Polk, my brother Eugene), processing photos (including ones from the dance week), and the like, we're pooped. So once again, this is an ultra-short newsletter.

Some of you have asked about wedding gifts, where we're registered, and so forth. We're not registered anywhere, but we do have needs. However, instead of giving you a list, I present a poem, in German, which went out with our invitations. You can read the poem at "". An English version will be online next week.

Along with our wedding, we would also like to officially announce that Karin is pregnant. Her due date is August 26th (those of you who heard August 27th heard correctly, we all just forgot to adjust for a leap year). You can see the ultrasounds at "".

Good luck getting to the pictures. I will do my best to track down why some of you still can't see them. I'll write up our wedding day experiences for newsletter #12, and will put up some more pictures. For those of you who've had trouble seeing the pictures from the dance week, try "" and see if this works better.


Bis bald.
Tschüssi, Baba

Paul TS Lee
Karin Lee-Novák



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