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Greetings from Vienna, #23

May 25th, 2004


Greetings from Vienna
Part the Twenty-Third

A very short newsletter this week. I have pictures from working on the house last week, during which we finished cutting all the holes in the walls for all the windows, and run some more wires. I'll go into details next week, as I am sure that we will finish running wires this week. So, first is a picture of my father-in-law cutting the wall for the large window in the living room:

Here we have the window finished, and my father-in-law is cementing in the brick and concrete header:
IMG_4645_rudolfR_large_window_cementing_header jpg

Now you can get a chance to see what the new living room will look like from the yard. The wooden doors will be replaced by glass, terrace doors:
IMG_4646_stables_door_new_window new_place_new_window_pano

Here is the other side of the new place, from the street, with boards covering the holes for the windows. You can see that the existing window has been bricked over:

The street side again, but the far end, where the kitchen will be. You can sort of see that part of the house is not square:

And this is just around the block, next to a new house. It apparently holds cleaning solution of some sort:

As I said, a very short newsletter. More next week.

Bis Bald,