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Greetings from Vienna, #33

August 4th, 2004


Greetings from Vienna
Part the Thirty-Third: Take-off!!

Tobias Xiao-Shan (小珊) Lee was born at 12:32 AM, August 2nd, [WRONG!! 3rd —confused Papa] via cesarean section. Karin and Tobias are both doing fine, though Karin is obviously quite tired from the procedure, and will have to stay in the hospital about a week. Tobias weights 2.36 kg, and is 45 cm long. I am told that these measurements are consistent with babies born at the 36th week.

Emails and telephone calls (to my Austrian cell phone, please) are welcomed, though I might not be sending a reply until after Karin is out of the hospital.

The baby pictures are at:

Other birthdays this week, Mark Schlatter and Joan Walton. Joan's birthday is actually next Tuesday, but in case I'm late again with the newsletter, it's being announced here.

Until next week

Bis Bald
- Paul, Karin, Tobias



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