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Greetings from Vienna, #37

August 31st, 2004


Greetings from Vienna
Part the Thirty-Seventh: Home, Sweet Home

A very short newsletter this week, mostly to announce our new official address:

Karin Lee-Novák
Paul Tien-Shih Lee
Tobias Xiao-Shan Lee

Fischauer Gasse 59
A-2700 Wiener Neustadt

+43 699 1903 3423 (Karin's cell)
+43 676 598 1942 (Paul's Austrian cell, still with Karin on the voicemail)

And here are some pictures of the new place (pardon the dust and boxes):
kitchen_hall_unpacking_pano bathroom_unpacking_pano IMG_5111_bathroom_through_window living_room_unpacking_pano

And of course, pictures of Tobias:
IMG_5094_tobiasXSL_karinLN IMG_5096_tobiasXSL_karinLN IMG_5121_karinLN_tobiasXSL
Check out the rest of Tobias' pictures this week at ""

Next week, a fuller update (in words and pictures) of the end of the move. Until then,

Bis Bald,



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