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Greetings from Vienna, #40

September 22nd, 2004


In this issue:

Old Business

Jeepers Creepers, Where'cha Get Those Peepers?
Jeep (or rather, AMC) is now a part of Daimler-Chrysler (formerly just plain Chrysler), not General Motors. I apologize for any confusion this may have caused among those of you who are doing car shopping right now.

Happy Birthday to Who?
Ur, Richard Power--my housemate--did not have a birthday last week. It was some six months ago (or six months from now, depending on how you look at it). So Apologies, and a belated Happy Semi-Annual Birthday to Richard.

Greetings from Vienna (New City)
Part the Fortieth: Middle Age Crazy

Actually, "middle age" is not quite correct, as this the fortieth weekly issue, and we'll reach our first anniversary in late November. After that, I'll be starting with a new title, which will coincide with our relocation to the States. And no, I don't have details of our travel plans yet. The readership of this newsletter with be the fourth to know (after our parents and housemate Richard).

We've had a busy week, which is mostly told in pictures, so let's go:

Back to the Resnicek
Last week, Karin's Viennese folk music group, the Liechtenthaler Quartett, returned to the Resnicek for their monthly free concerts. Karin was not quite up to playing with them this month, so we went as spectators, which was a treat for Karin, as she could enjoy the lyrics of the sung pieces. Of course, it was also a chance for various members of the Quartett to see Tobias. On this particular evening, Wiltrud the second violinist spent the most amount of time with Tobias:
IMG_5156_wiltrudH_tobiasXSL IMG_5157_wiltrudH_tobiasXSL
We warned her that this children thing might be contagious. Eva the flutist had her fifth child back in March; Volker, guitarist and leader of the group, has four kids; Doris, the previous first violin left the group after she had a baby. Wiltrud did not heed our warning, as you can see from more pictures of her at Tobias' picture page.

We had a second get-together with the Quartett earlier this week, when Karin attended her first rehearsal after giving birth. We got to visit with Walter, Eva's baby:
As you can see, Walter is a bit bigger than Tobias, though I'm told that he was also early, and weighed less than Tobias did at birth.

The Oboes Are Coming, The Oboes Are Coming
Friend Stefan, fellow running sushi[1] and beer connoisseur, came by to visit the new place. Of course I had to get the obligatory visitor-holding-Tobias picture: IMG_5168_stefanM_tobiasXSL
During the visit, I was caught playing with Tobias' toys again:
Really, I was just trying to keep my hands busy:
IMG_5202_dolls_acrobatics IMG_5200_dolls_acrobatics IMG_5201_dolls_acrobatics
Obviously, I didn't have enough dolls as toys when I was growing up.

(I should note that the dog is Karin's, and the bear is a lovely gift from Marie Dahuvohisse, a vintage dance friend from France.)

We had a great visit, which started at our place, continuing at Stefan's new apartment (to which we delivered some CD towers which Karin no longer wants), and then for some well deserved running sushi. Alas, no beer this time, but we expect to see Stefan at the next Resnicek concert, where the beer will flow.

A Day in the Park
We took Tobias to the Hohe Wand, a park/nature reserve that covers a plateau near Wiener Neustadt. Had he been awake while we were wandering around, he would've seen some red deer:
a view of Vienna and Wiener Neustadt from over a thousand meters up:
and "gingerbread" house made (alas) of wood:

More Random Pictures of Tobias
Trying out our beds:
IMG_5184_karinLN_tobiasXSL IMG_5189_tobiasXSL IMG_5185_tobiasXSL

Trying to meditate, but falling asleep instead:

Trying out the thumb again:

That's all for now. We hope to give a house update next week.

Bis Bald, Tschüß -Paul, Karin, and Tobias

[1] "Running sushi": Sushi on conveyor belts. I know them as sushi boats as that's how they're presented in places I've visited in California.



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