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Greetings from Vienna, #41

September 29th, 2004


In this issue:

Old Old Business

Late Birthdays, Take Two
It turns out that the birthday greetings from two weeks ago (issue #38) should have gone to a previous housemate named Richard, or rather Rich. So a belated happy birthday to Rich Frueh. Or as German speakers would not say, a spät Happy Birthday to Herr Früh.

Greetings from Vienna (New City)
Part the Forty-First: Still Unpacking

Not much to report this week. Some more boxes have been unpacked, but I can only take credit for getting them into the house. Karin has to do the unpacking as it is her stuff, and she has to decide where it goes. We're still dithering over the shower curtain (and hence the ultimate placement of the shower head).

The problem is that the tub is not in a niche and surrounded by three walls, but in a corner with only two walls; a single (straight) shower curtain rod would leave the toilet exposed to unintended sprays of water. Most stores don't carry anything designed to go around a corner and still allow the shower curtain to traverse the full length of the curtain rod. This is partly an engineering issue (rods with corners need to be supported in at least one more place other than then ends), partly a design issue (in Austria, curtains of all sorts are supported from rings, not hooks, which can't get past any sort of curtain rod supports), and partly a cost issue (ordering this stuff from the States makes little sense, and I haven't figured out if similar hardware can be found elsewhere in Europe).

So we're at a bit of an impasse with the shower curtain. However, I have started on varnishing the doors. The living/bedroom door is finished, and I've just started on the bathroom door. I hope to have some pictures up for next week, and you'll get to see the doors and frames with fresh varnish or paint.

Happy Birthday
Two birthdays on the calendar for this week: Cindy Joy and Matt "Rollie" Rollefson. Many Happy Returns to you both.

Wedding Bells
Tobias went to his first wedding this past Saturday. Actually, he went to his first wedding, baptism, reception and dinner, which was a pretty full day for the little guy. Good thing he spent quite a bit of it eating. The wedding was for Karin's cousin Irene, last seen in issue #5. Irene had her little boy Benjamin about a month before Tobias was born, and this was the first time we got to see either of them. Here is a picture of Benjamin and Tobias, being held by their respective grandmothers:
And here are the two new mommies holding the two new babies:

As usual, Tobias stuck his tongue out at everyone. But here is bit of turnabout from my brother-in-law, Andreas:
(I've been told that my father-in-law has done the same thing while looking at Tobias. I'll keep my camera handy for a future photo opportunity.) Of course, Tobias got attention from everybody. In this case, it was from his aunt Birgid, grandma Christa, and great-aunt Ilse:
Lots more pictures of Tobias at the reception and dinner can be seen at:

Karin and I managed to get a couple of dances in, the first time in quite a while. Unfortunately, I have no pictures of us dancing, and I just missed getting shots of my in-laws tripping the light fantastic. However, I did catch my mother-in-law in the all-girls boogie circle:
as well as Karin dancing with her Dad:
And while I did shuffle around the fringe of the dance floor with Tobias, the more ambulatory little ones enjoyed a fast polka:
It should be noted that they danced a fast polka to pretty much every song that came on.

For those of you who want to see more authentic interiors of Austrian inns/restaurants/etc., here is a panoramic of the room where we had the wedding banquet:
It is decorated with deer heads, rifles, animal traps, shooting competition targets, folk instruments, and of course, the obligatory, grotesque mask carved out of wood:

That's all for this week.

Bis Bald
-Tobias (sleeping on my chest), Karin, Paul



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