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Greetings from Vienna, #42

October 6th, 2004


In this issue:


Greetings from Vienna (New City)
Part the Forty-Second: Life, the Universe, Everything

Birthday Greetings
Happy belated birthday to Lee Bernhard, whose birthday was yesterday (the 5th).

Under the Knife
First, I want to assure everyone that Tobias is just fine. He had to undergo a hernia operation last Friday to repair an inguinal hernia, which occurs when the tube through which the testicle enters the scrotum does not close up properly. As this normally happens around the eighth month of pregnancy and Tobias was almost four weeks early, this was not a particularly surprising development (though Karin and I were both feeling anxious last week).

We brought him to the hospital in Wiener Neustadt last Thursday, and he had the half hour long procedure Friday morning. He went under anesthesia and came out of it in Karin's arms, so the theory is that he would process it as an odd sort of nap. In any case, the operation went just fine, and he was very hungry boy afterwards. They had him on a saline drip until Friday evening, and you can see the IV here:

In the evening, they wired him up:
for a heart monitor:
to make sure that there aren't any lingering effects of the anesthesia, and by Saturday, Tobias was pretty much back to his normal self:
A slight fever overnight delayed his checking out of the hospital until Saturday evening, but there were otherwise no complications. We are scheduled to go back this week to get his stitches removed.

On Sunday, we had lunch with my in-laws, and Tobias seemed perfectly happy. He even wanted soup:
He passed on the coffee later, and was content to hang out with Grandma and Grandpa:
IMG_5226_christaR_tobaisXSL_rudolfR IMG_5232_tobiasXSL_christaR

House Update
Many, many thanks to all of you who sent us suggestions on setting up the shower curtain. In the end, I decided to go with a single shower curtain rod that is held in place by a spring, guessing that the spray from the shower head will not get the toilet wet if we mount it far enough away from that side of the tub. The other advantage of this solution is that we don't have to put any extra holes in the walls for the curtain rod, so there won't be any tile patching required if we change our minds later.

While working out the shower curtain issue, I've also gotten a chance to varnish our two interior doors, as well as paint the door frames:
IMG_5237_living_room_door_bathroom_door IMG_5238_bathroom_shower_curtain
(You can see the shower curtain in the second picture.)


That's all for now.


Bis Bald
-Tobias (sleeping on my chest), Karin, Paul



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