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Greetings from Vienna, #43

October 13th, 2004


In this issue:

Old Business

Many, many thanks to all of you who sent expressions of support for Tobias' hernia operation. He got the stitch out last Friday (one week after the operation) and we've been able to do his regular baths again. Again, many thanks.

Greetings from Vienna (New City)
Part the Forty-Third: A Chill in the Air

Big house milestone this week: we're leaving the heat on. What was seemingly just a short term drop in temperature has turned into overnight frost, so now we get to really use the heating as advertised. Between that and a fully functional shower, I am a happy man. Speaking of the shower, here is the picture of the whole bathroom, with all the shower stuff installed:

The wooden wedge on the right end of the shower curtain rod will be replaced by a small, disc-shaped piece of wood (part of the joy of having a half-trapzoidal shaped bathroom). However, I will not worry about putting a new picture of the bathroom online just for this one alteration. If you feel so inclined, you can download this picture and edit out the unsightly wedge with your favorite image editing software.

Treading the Boards [1]
Tobias got to be a part of the band last night at the monthly performance of the Liechtenthaler Quartett:
Ok, not really. Christine—the woman holding Tobias—is the wife of guitarist/leader Volker and an occasional guest vocalist. I had been holding Tobias to keep him calm (with only occasional success), and my dinner came. Christine very kindly took Tobias so I can eat, and also get more pictures of the band (my other job for the evening). Perhaps recognizing that he was in the hands of an expert (Christine and Volker have four kids of their own), Tobias immediately calmed down, to the point where Christine could perform while holding him:

He did eventually start to fuss again:
But I think it was because he was feeling hungry and could also see Karin:

For more pictures of Tobias from this past week, go to:

That's all for this week.

Bis Bald,
-Tobias (being quiet on my lap for the moment), Karin, Paul

[1] "Treading the Boards": British English expression for being on stage. It tends to refer specifically for acting, so my use is a bit of a misnomer.



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