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Greetings from America, #3

December 13th, 2004


Greetings from America (Emerald Hills)
Part the Third: Better Late Than Never

Yes, we know that the newsletter is very late. We actually have a lot's of stuff to share with you, but the actual text will have to wait until the next issue, which will be out on Tuesday or Wednesday (cross your fingers[1eng]). In the meantime, lots of pictures. But first...


Happy Birthdays
A belated happy birthday to Kristi Holder. A belated newsletter happy birthday to Angela Elsey; we attended her birthday party, so we actually managed to deliver our birthday greetings in person. And just in case the newsletter slips further behind schedule, early birthday greetings to Bobb (not a typo) Head, and my father-in-law Rudolf (not a newsletter reader, but the rest of the family is).


Loosely grouped by event, here are some pictures of Karin and Tobias' first time to Dim Sum[2]:
IMG_5533_karinLN_tobiasXSL IMG_5536_judithF_tobiassXSL_kyle??
(That's Judith holding Tobias in the second picture.)

And while we were heading to dim sum, a parade broke out, so we had to watch (yes, those are all Harley-Davidson motorcycles):
IMG_5543_harley_group IMG_5553_shriners IMG_5580_christmas_tree_balloon IMG_5564_little_drummer_boy_balloon IMG_5576_classic_trolley IMG_5548_tobiasXSL_karinLN

Unfortunately, the camera ran out of power about two-thirds of way through the parade, when the Star Wars Storm Troopers came by, but here is a link to their photo gallery:


We've also been doing some dancing lately, and Tobias has, of course, come along. Here is Tobias at Argentine tango class:
And here is what he might have seen if he'd been awake:


And at Friday Night Waltz:
Tobias was more awake:
IMG_5635_tobiasXSL_karinLN IMG_5634_tobiasXSL_richardP
which meant that he could enjoy the attention of the other dancers:


We had a bit of rain, and then the weather cleared up enough for us to walk around the neighborhood, which Karin had seen only from the car for the past few weeks. Since Karin is writing more extensively about this, comparing gardens, Christmas decorations, and home construction techniques with what she's used to in Austria, I'll save the neighborhood pictures until the next issue. But as a teasers, here some pictures of our house at Far Creek Way (in a reverse zoom):
IMG_5627_driveway IMG_5592_house IMG_5600_house_neighborhood IMG_5595_house_neighborhood
with a bit of the neighborhood thrown in:


And lastly, a picture of Karin enjoying her first "smoothie":


So much for the pictures. The words will come in a couple of days.


'Till then,
Ta-Ta For Now
- Tobias, Karin, Paul



[1] "Cross your fingers": An action which purportedly brings luck, performed by crossing the middle finger over the index finger of the same hand. The same action is also suppose to nullify any promise that one is making at the moment, which is a bit odd given the first meaning. If anyone knows how these two meanings might be related, let me know.

[2] "Dim Sum": Cantonese style brunch, meaning literally "a bit of heart". Instead of ordering from a menu, the food is brought by the table on carts, you order what looks (and smells) good, and the cart pushers mark your bill with the appropriate stamps. Sort of an inverted buffet. An incredibly social occasion (meaning "festive and noisy"), Chinese people tend to have dim sum on weekends, in large groups.



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