Paul Tien-Shih Lee


905 Far Creek Way

Emerald Hills, CA



Fischauer Gasse 59

Wiener Neustadt

A-2700 Austria

+43 (0) 699-1180-2065


Professional Goal

Engineering/QA/Product management with emphasis on product design and design evaluation.


Experienced manager on large test teams. Experienced in online and offline multimedia QA and content production. Launched/shipped award winning websites/software. Extensive background in all phases of software development with emphasis on quality assurance. Experienced in multi-/cross-platform environments.

Professional Experience

AOL-Time Warner/AOL-Netscape, Mountain View, CA (June 1999 Š August 2001)

QA Manager: Personalization Technology Divlet

„ Managed team of four to six QA engineers responsible for AOL and Netscape web portals and underlying personalization technologies

„ Evaluated and implemented automated website verification tool (SiteScope, Mercury Interactive)

„ Trained team members and helped other groups within AOL to deploy SiteScope for their projects.

„ Mentored a senior QA engineer for his transition to product manager.

„ Created training material for QA engineers

„ Reviewed resumes and hired contractors and permanent staff

Senior QA Engineer: My AOL.COM

„ Trained Netscape engineers on AOL technologies and processes.

„ Managed QA team through two manager transitions

„ Managed Y2K testing for the Netscape web portals and underlying services

AOL Productions/Medior Inc., San Mateo & Mountain View, CA (April 1995 Š May 1999)

QA Supervisor: My AOL.COM, AOL.COM re-launch, MyNews

„ Created a test plan template for other teams integrating their services into My AOL.COM

„ Trained designers and content producers on QA procedures to streamline the test cycle for web and AOL service pages

„ Mentored a production specialist for transition into QA

„ Reviewed and standardized sports team and weather station data for MyNews, including cross checking team/city/school tables using FileMaker, Excel and SQL query tools

AOL Productions/Medior, Inc. Mountain View, CA (April 1995 Š May 1999)

QA Supervisor/QA Engineer: MyNews, AOL service areas, CD-ROM based multimedia applications

„ Tested AOLÕs first web portal: MyNews

„ Wrote the original test plan for MyNews/My AOL.COM

„ Wrote the first formal test plan for AOL service areas

„ tested various AOL service areas (approximately 50)„ Trained on AOL technologies at corporate headquarters to provide local expertise for the San Mateo office

„ Tested CD-ROM based consumer and corporate interactive multimedia applications (FedEx Sales CD, Nortel Sales CD, Sunset Western Garden CD-ROM)

„ Tested interface for Time-WarnerÕs digital cable initiative (Orlando, FL)

„ QA lead for Medior internal technologies

„ Rewrote FileMaker based internal time-tracking system

Claris Corporation, Santa Clara, CA (July 1988 - April 1995)

Senior Test Engineer: ClarisImpact

„ Tested ClarisImpact and its parent products, MacDraw II and ClarisCAD

Associate Test Supervisor: MacWrite Pro; Test Engineer: MacWrite Pro

„ Supervised a team of eight test engineers through two QA supervisor transitions, high software engineering turnover, and significant project scope and schedule changes to successfully ship both the 1.0 release and the 1.5 PowerPC update

„ Created and maintained the revised test plan

„ Acted as primary liaison between QA, Engineering, Marketing, and Documentation groups for technical issues

„ Used personal experience in manual type setting to help finalized the MacWrite Pro feature set

„ Wrote shipping AppleScripts for the 1.5 release to support indexing and table of contents features

Test Team Lead: AppleWorksGS/ClarisWorks, AppleWorks

„ Tested and shipped AppleWorksGS 1.0 and 1.1

„ Tested AppleWorks 3.0 port/update

„ Worked with Release Engineering on release management issues for Apple II products

StyleWare Inc., Houston, TX (January 1987 - July 1988)

Test Engineer, Customer Service Rep, Technical Support Rep, Product Evangelist

Technical Experience


PC, Mac/Apple II, UNIX workstations, NeXT Workstations, VAX, Stratus


Operating Systems: Mac OS 1-10.4, Windows 3.1/95/98/XP, MS-DOS, UNIX (bsd/solaris/irix), Apple II

Languages: SQL, Tcl, HTML 2.0-4.0, C, JavaScript, Pascal, Modula 2, AppleScript, LISP

Development Tools: Tcl 7.3/8.0, JRE, Sybase 11.x, MPW, CVS


Rice University, Houston, Texas


Argentine Tango, Vintage Ballroom Dance, Reproduction Vintage Clothing, Historical Recreation, Fencing, Martial Arts, Various Stringed Instruments, Classical Music


Available on request